Patient Education

Contraceptive Options

We provide counseling regarding the spectrum of contraceptive options.

These include:
Condoms Use at every sexual encounter
Only form that decreases risk of acquiring a sexually-transmitted infection (STD)
Diaphragms Use at every sexual encounter, with spermicide
Must be placed into the vagina less than two hours prior to sexual intercourse
Must remain in place for at least six hours after the last episode of intercourse
Oral contraceptive pills Must take at approximately the same time every day
Contraceptive patch New patch applied weekly
Contraceptive vaginal ring (Nuvaring) New ring placed by patient monthly
Depo-Provera Injection every 12 weeks at the physician's office
Nexplanon (formally called Implanon) Lasts 3 years, placed in the office
Intrauterine devices—placed in the office Paraguard—non-hormonal, lasts 10 years
Mirena—progesterone-only, lasts 5 years
Skyla—progesterone-only, lasts 3 years